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doggiebeach [ July 18th at 11:38pm]

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update. [ July 11th at 1:59am]
life is moving so fast.
i turned 22...best birthday ever...

i graduated...

i got a new puppy...

i've been clean for almost 10 months now.....
i'm in the best shape ive ever been in

i'm lovin life....

and definitely learning how to appreciate the small things....

been single for a year..the longest ive been single since i was 15...couldnt be more pleased :)
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[ August 26th at 8:30pm]
i wish i was a baller.

i wish i was a little more taller.

i wish i had a girl i would call her...HAHAHA yeah right. fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.

whatever. fuck itsssssss. im sick. my body is deteriorating....i have a nasty cough and im suffering from fatigue.

the other day i ate a bud brownie, bud chocolate, bud lollipop...and smoked 2 blunts afterwards. oh yeah i was figgidty.

i am truly a stoner..my short term memory is FUCKED...and i suffer from general apathy.

i need to smoke right now
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[ January 25th at 11:11am]
chris and i smoked THE most dank kush..of all time..possibly.

and we were drivin home..and saw a ROSCOES..and nearly wet ourselves. the waiter knew we were high and hooked it up!

stuffed our little faces. got home, watched tv ate some more.

he had to drive back to riverside cuz he has midterms..and i hadto wake up early because i had an appointment with a counselor at cerritos college.

im going to CCC for probably a decent ass while..and then going to fullerton. fuck riverside. luckily chris is transferring to fullerton as well :) and gonna move closerto cerritos.

uhm.....i wont be able to get into any classes this spring quarter D: so...work full time until summer, and take summer school.

double date tomorrow with morgan and danny! eeeee i cant wait :)
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[ December 6th at 1:44am]
commuting isnt as bad as i thought. i hardly ever hit traffic

had school today. got paidddd.

i told chris today that i love him.
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[ November 17th at 3:03am]
i got a new piercing.

my bellybuttom, the bottom part. it's hot...it was fucking painful.
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[ October 6th at 3:15am]

i got a job!

i now work at the e-bar in nordstroms!
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good bye dinner thinggg!!! [ September 17th at 8:57pm]
thanks to michelle who made it all possible!

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"so dont try to run up on my ear talkin all that raspy shit, tryna ask me shit" [ August 23rd at 5:12pm]
i hung out with matt yesterday.

yep :)
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[ August 20th at 11:41am]
i got to wake up to this text this morning.

"i just wanted to say i think you are beautiful, amazing, and intelligent. i really think the world of you."
fr: matthew.


drunk matt is sweet.

we got in our first argument a few days ago.
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[ August 19th at 5:47pm]
i did it.

i reached my goal.

i lost 10  pounds.
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[ August 10th at 1:41am]
sometimes all i want to do is lock myself in my room and chain smoke.

regardless of the mood.

im restless. because of this, very annoyed.

the end.

beach again tomorrow.
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[ July 27th at 1:29pm]
so ive been talking to this, semi-decent guy lately. im not really expectin shit to happen. but he called me last night at 5:30 in the fuckin mornin...hahahah. hes okay...im not sold. i seem to have THE worst luck with boys.  were supposed to go to the beach and have cigarettes and beer.

shit has been sucking since im UNEMPLOYED.

went running again last night. stepped on the fucking forsaken scale...108. GOD i shed the first 5 pounds SO quickly, why is it taking forever to lose the other 5.

3 more pounds to go.

i never even write about what i did any more. this has been like my dietary log and shit..
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[ July 18th at 10:31pm]

my eye wont stop twitching.

do you know what that means?

it means someone is talking about you.

and theres a rining in my ear.

that means someone is thinking about you.

on a completely different note,

i've lost 5 pounds. it isnt GOOD enough. i need to lose another five. but people HAVE noticed that i look a lot more toned. which is great. i've been going about this the  healthy way...minimal snacking, healthy food, and strenuous work out routines.

shits been getting criticalllll. with michelles cotillion on friday, weve been practicing our ASSES off. i'm sure it will pay off.  oliver and i (her best friends) are going to have to make a joint-speech...

excellent, we plan on making it embarrassing, touching, and funny.

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[ June 30th at 9:57pm]
fuccck man.

i just told my parents about my tattoo. the huge virgin mary one...OH man.

my mom is okay with it. she was like "i know how you are. and i know what kind of person you are. youre a good person, its just that tattoos have negative connotations"

dad on the other hand..shook his head in disgust, and stormed out of the house.

so i think there goes all my plans for the weekend
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[ June 28th at 6:35am]
you know what. i fucking lied....

i do care about my privacy. and i really dont fucking like people i DONT know reading my entries. i took a glance on the people who have added me....WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?

FRIENDS ONLY [once again]
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[ June 20th at 1:53am]


today was tight.

melrose in the morning with rachel and the 2nd madre. then cotillion practice for HOURS, i dont know how to cha-cha. i missed so many practices..and this is the only one ive been to. but now im all caught up
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[ June 18th at 2:47pm]
this weekend was fun..VERY chill no partying, kind of what i needed. after finals moving out and everything being so hectic i enjoyed just..SITTING.

anyways on friday morgan and i hung out. we worked out pretty much ALL day long. we're determined to get fit this summer.

we used the eliptical machine for 20 minutes. lifted weights, did crunches/side crunches, sit ups, and ran around the neighborhood.
i seriously was so winded after running.

i havent picked up a cigarette in 2 days now. make this 3. i get headaches every now and then. but other than that, i really dont feel a STRONG craving to smoke.

my older sister graduated from UCI yesterday...man i am SO proud of her. when we were sitting in the bleachers my dad was like 'im so happy..buut when YOU graduate ill be 5x happier" haha. ME TOO....it ceratainly will take more than 4 years i think..but yeah.

yesterday we had a family party for my sisters graduation. and i got to see my older cousins! my older cousins, my sister, and her boyfriend sat around. and drank champage. how fancy. i got pretty buzzed by the end of the night. my mom was like "KATRINA! stop now! your eyes are so red"

anyways, everyone left around 1:30 or 2...so that was fun.

well i just woke up. tonight were going to church and eating out for fathers day. cool
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[ June 16th at 8:39pm]

this made me so sad!!!!! look at it. it has cute seals and stuff in it
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[ June 16th at 1:40am]
i keep forgetting to update, because lately i've been writing a lot of personal entries, ones for my own reference and crap.

yesterday i had a really good time with mimi! we hung out. then we hung out with cherry and i got my nose re pierced.

today rache gave me a call and we did lunch. after i lounged around my house...tanned. worked out...a lot actually. and then took a nap. evelyn came over and we grabbed a pizookie...YUMMMAAY! then we chilled at my house.

sorry i forgot to call you back morgan!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! !! !

i miss bruce a lot.....

i was kind of relieved to be spending time away from him and getting my space...but it's also strange not being able to see him every single day...gosh. trying to sleep...it's so hard. i have no one to hold me.

i spent the last day in riverside with bruce. we drank rolling rocks in my bed and talked all night.

i hate how i take people for granted. and i dont realize it til they arent there any more. i took him for granted. i was such a bitch to him sometimes; i suck.

anways tomorrow friday. WOO. sounds good. saturday, my sister is graduating.

summer has been good so far.. i really want a job.
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